What we do
We work with you to build your financial foundation. Our recommendations are based on what we believe is in your best interest. 
For those interested in our investment management services, fees are based on a percent of the assets managed.

Our staff

Ronald Sayegh, ABA, BBA is a licensed Financial Security Advisor, and has worked in the industry since 1988. He is a member of the "Autorité Des Marchérs Financiers" and the  Chambre de la Securité Financière. These associations grant membership only after approving the work of professionals demonstrating expertise in comprehensive financial security field.  Also, they are strict to have members to continue their academic pursuit in industry related subjects.
Ronald has earned his University degrees in London, England, a renowned financial centers and a benchmark of professionals in the investment field. His ongoing education in Canada in life and health insurance, mutual and segregated funds, businesses,  has greatly added to his wealth of financial knowledge.

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